How the use of high-quality measuring instruments can help to optimise processes and save energy.

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High-quality measuring instruments are essential for industrial environments, particularly when it comes to saving energy. Accurate measurement of energy consumption is crucial for identifying areas of waste and implementing measures to reduce energy usage. This is where high-quality measuring instruments come into play. They provide precise readings that allow businesses to identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions on how to optimize their energy consumption.

TDE Instruments developed a solution that can be put to effective use in this situation: the Digalox® Industrial IoT Platform - a comprehensive, complete solution for the integration of machines and devices in the industrial sector. On the one hand, it includes the Digalox® Hardware Platform, consisting of measuring, control and networking devices. The second component ist the Transconnect® IoT Software Platform, consisting of an integration server, various databases and corresponding application programs for visualisation, monitoring, alerting and administration.

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As we have discovered, accurate measurements are essential to identifying areas where energy consumption can be reduced, which can result in significant financial benefits for companies.
The Digalox® measuring devices provide precise and reliable data on current, voltage, level, quantities produced and other important variables in real time.
With the collected data, the operator can, among other things, determine waste areas so that energy consumption and other values can be monitored and any anomalies or inefficiencies that may occur can be identified.
In addition, the use of precise measuring devices ensures compliance with regulatory standards and also helps to improve the safety of industrial processes by identifying potential hazards and preventing accidents. This not only protects employees, but also helps minimize costly downtime that can result from accidents or equipment failures.

In short, investing in high-quality measuring equipment is a smart decision for any industry that wants to save money, optimize processes, reduce waste and create safer work environments for their employees. The Digalox® Industrial IoT Platform can provide effective support, especially since it is particularly suitable for retrofitting.